Creativity and Writers’ Coaching

red earth offers a range of creativity and personal coaching services–all designed to help individuals reach their fullest potential, whether setting and achieving goals, overcoming creative blocks, or discussing interpersonal challenges that may get in the way of true creative endeavors. We walk alongside clients to provide fresh insight from one creative individual to another, recognizing the need in each one of us to express our true selves.


How can a creativity coach help you?

* Provide one-on-one creative mentoring, in person, by e-mail, phone, or Skype
* Offer feedback, suggestions, and a sounding board for your creative ideas
* Help you move forward when blocks threaten to silence your creative spirit
* Inspire inventive and original artistic expression
* Uncover relational or personal issues that may hinder the flow of creativity

red earth particularly specializes in dream investigation and guided visualization as means of better understanding individuals’ artistic expressions and how they may be best imagined. In addition, expressive arts workshopping–for the individual or group–is available to help unleash innovative ideas.

Contact us today to discover how our personal and creativity coaches can benefit YOU!

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